Love Your Hair with Our Brazilian Blowout

Love Your Hair with Our Brazilian Blowout

We all know that with the cold and snow comes even drier air. You may notice your hair starting to get more frizz to it as you’re styling it each day. At Chad & Co., we offer an in-depth treatment that can help with winter dry hair – the Brazilian Blowout, or better known on our menu of services as the Braziliana. Today, we are going to talk about the benefits of the Braziliana. 

The Brazilian blowout is known for its intense shine, its ability to eliminate frizz, and transforming your hair to soft, manageable locks.

What is a Chad & Co. Braziliana? It’s a liquid keratin formula that creates a protective layer to your hair by bonding each strand. As it bonds each lock of hair, it seals the cuticle so that it’s protected against those external elements that can cause damage to your hair. Because this smoothing treatment originated in Brazil, it uses ingredients native to the country such as annatto seed, acai berry, and camu camu. These unique components help to hydrate your hair, make it intensely glossy and more resilient to heat styling. In fact, another benefit is that your hair will dry quicker, so there’s less need for heated styling tools and it will save you time each morning.

What hair type does it work on? The Brazilian Blowout works on almost every type of hair type and texture, even fine hair. No matter your hair type, as long as you use the recommended hair care products like sulfate-free shampoo, your treatment will last three to four months. You will begin to see your normal curl pattern come back and will know when it’s time for another treatment. 

Will my hair become completely straight with the Brazilian Blowout? Only if you want your hair to be completely straight. At your consultation, you will determine, with your Chad & Co. stylist, how you want your hair texture. If you have naturally curly hair and just want to tame the frizz, you can keep your texture but your hair will be noticeably smooth. We can tailor your treatment to fit your needs and desires.  

How is the Braziliana different from other keratin treatments? Although the results are comparable, the Braziliana has a mild formula that is easily customized to your individual hair type with little to no downtime and post-treatment care. Other keratin treatments are more stringent in their after-care treatment and you would have to wait longer before you can clip your hair back, style it, or even wash it. 

How long does the process take? Overall, the Brazilian Blowout should only take about 90 minutes to complete. It really depends on the length and thickness of your hair. 

Is it safe for color-treated hair? Yes! It’s completely safe on color-treated strands and in fact, since it seals and protects your hair shaft, your hair color may even stay vibrant longer!

Let our Chad & Co. expert stylists give you a hair treatment that will leave your hair shiny, smooth, and manageable all winter long. You can book online, give us a call at 303-773-2100 8727, or visit our salon. Chad & Co. is located at 8727 E. Dry Creek Rd, Suite E, Englewood, CO 80112.