Hair Color Correction You Can Count On

Hair Color Correction You Can Count On

Thanks to Covid-19, many women had to take to coloring their hair. For some, that may have worked out okay, but for others, the nightmare was real and their hair may have turned orange, brassy, or just looked muted, limp, and dull. Don’t worry! At Chad & Co., we have you covered with our color correction service from our professional hair colorists.
What is Color Correction?
Kind of like how a makeup concealer works to correct imperfections on your skin, hair color correction works much the same way. Your Chad & Co. stylist will evaluate the condition of your hair and together, you will determine the best solution to correct your hair color and get you the look you desire. We use our own specially formulated products to make your hair moisturized, healthy, and manageable.

How Long does Color Correction Take?
The time needed for successful color correction can vary. It all depends on the condition of your hair, your hair type, and the correction needed. Often times, it’s a multi-step process to get your hair looking its best again. A consultation will help you establish a good plan so that your stylist can get you to the hair color you want while repairing the damage done to your hair.

What if My Hair Color is Too Light?
This is typically the easiest fix. Frequently, darkening your hair color over the top is enough to even things out. However, mixing the wrong colors can be disastrous. That’s why sticking with a professional salon is key.

What if My Hair Color is Too Dark?
Lightening your hair is a little more challenging. First, we will do a color cleanse to eliminate as much of the darkest dye as possible. Then, we can start the process of lightening your hair. This could take multiple appointments depending on the severity of your hair color. We want to repair your hair and make it healthy, not damage it further.

What are My Color Options?
We offer a full menu of hair color options. We offer full color, color melting, balayage, highlights, lowlights, ombre, and more. If your man needs a color refresh as well, we offer men’s hair color as well.

Sometimes, things just don’t turn out the way you had hoped. If you’ve fallen victim to your own COVID at-home hair dye job or went to an inexperienced hair colorist, our hair color correction experts at Chad & Co. can help.
Whether you just need new hair color or you need rescuing from a hair color mistake, give us a call today! You can book online, give us a call at 303-773-2100 8727, or visit our salon. Chad & Co. is located at 8727 E. Dry Creek Rd, Suite E, Englewood, CO 80112.