Best Ways to Keep Hair Healthy in Colorado

Best Ways to Keep Hair Healthy in Colorado

We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful state. However, the dry air can wreak havoc on our hair and skin. If you’ve lived in Colorado for any length of time, the one thing you know is that you have to be extra vigilant with moisturizing your hair to control dry hair, frizz, and the difficulty that comes with styling your hair in a dry climate. 

Here are some tips from our expert stylists to help you protect and nurture your hair year-round. 

Invest in a good conditioner and use it regularly. Conditioner helps to replenish nutrients and moisturizer to your hair after it’s been cleaned with shampoo. You don’t have to shampoo as often, about 2-3 times a week, but be sure to use your conditioner daily to moisturize and help to form a barrier against the elements outside. We recommend also using a hair mask at least twice a week. Our Miracle Mask works to rejuvenate dull hair, promote strong hair, and restore essential hydration. 

Minimize the chemicals. The more you color, straighten, and texturize with the wrong products, the more your hair can become brittle and dried out. To avoid overprocessing, stay away from the box color and stick with our expert stylists at Chad + Co who use only the best quality products on your hair. After you get your hair done at Chad + Co Salon, your stylist will recommend the best products to protect your hair. 

Switch to filtered water. Parts of Colorado are known for their hard water. This means that the water you rinse your hair with contains various minerals that can cause buildup to your hair over time. Adding a filter to your showerhead or changing to a filtration system can be a great solution all around. If you have calcium buildup from hard water chlorine buildup from the pool or residue from store-bought hair products, we suggest using a clarifying shampoo at least once or twice a month and follow it up with a conditioning mask. 

Protect your hair from heated styling tools. If you use a hairdryer, flat iron, or curling iron regularly, your hair is probably getting too much heat. If you must use a heated styling tool, add a thermal protector to your hair beforehand. Our Biotin Drops work as a shield from heat styling. 

If you are already experiencing brittle, dry, damaged hair, our Silk Products contains Marula Oil to rebuild and revive dry damaged hair weakened by chemicals, hard water, and even everyday stress. These products are packed with antioxidants and nutrients to bring your hair back to a healthy state that’s strong, soft, and shiny. 

Lastly, keep your hair regularly trimmed to take off split ends and keep the frizz away. If you need a trim, new hairstyle, hair color, or to repair damaged hair with professional conditioning treatments, our stylists at Chad+Co are ready to give you the look you want. You can book online, give us a call at 303-773-2100 8727, or visit our salon. Chad+Co. is located at 8727 E. Dry Creek Rd, Suite E, Englewood, CO 80112.