8 Hair Color Trends for the Fall Season

8 Hair Color Trends for the Fall Season

While we haven’t felt that morning chill of fall in the air yet, we all know it’s coming. After the hot summer, some of you may be looking forward to that chill and with it, all the great things the season brings. As we’re bringing out our favorite sweaters and changing up our color palette to the deeper tones of fall, it also is a great time to embrace the new fall hair colors to give our hair color a warmer, richer look.

Here are just a few of the in-demand hair colors we’re seeing for the fall and winter seasons.

Honey Wheat Blonde. This shade is the perfect balance between warm and cool when it comes to natural blonde. It’s the perfect tone to compliment a person’s natural color so you’ll leave Chad + Co looking like you were born with this color.

Tea-Light Candle Blonde. Not ready for summer to end just yet? Warm-up your summer blonde shade with a soft root shadow to achieve this look. It warms up your blonde just enough to give off a warm glow without losing the sunny blonde.

Peachy Rose Blonde. Pink has been a hot color for summer, and fall is no exception. We’re beginning to see the pink tone sweeten up a bit in a more peachy-rose hue, which is on the warmer side of the spectrum and will lighten up the face. A popular choice is starting with a platinum base and adding delicate peachy-rose tones.

Soft Ginger. While redheads love to show off their bold color, we’re seeing it toned down this fall into softer ginger or autumn shades. For those who want a more muted red, we’re seeing these ginger highlights over a neutral crimson base like a brick red. It’s an all-over cooler effect where you choose the depth and dimension by deciding how soft or chunky to go with the highlights.

Warm Espresso. Whether you want to bring more depth to your hair color with highlights or deepen the entire shade, warmer golden tones mixed with deep espresso hues will bring a multi-dimensional depth to your hair color that won’t go unnoticed.

Mocha Chocolate. If you’re a natural brunette and want to richen up your color, you’ll never go wrong with mocha chocolate. This deep, full-bodied shade reflects warmly with the sun so it never looks drab, even in the dead of winter. 

Raven Black. While pure black is always a natural choice for the colder months, this classic shade is getting a bit of a tweak by adding warmth-infused red undertones to give raven black more of a multi-tonal look. Babylights and delicate seamless highlights give this look a more glowing, chic look instead of chunky highlights.

Stunning Dip-Dyed Tips. Looking for something a bit more fun this season? Your Chad + Co stylist will use your natural base and add some vivid, bold color to your ends. It’s a quick pop of color to liven up your look without committing long-term. Allow the ends to fade or easily trim off the tips when you want a new color.

No matter what color you decide on, our hair care products will keep your color lasting longer and looking shiny & vibrant until it’s time for a change! If you have curly hair, our Rock Your Curls collection will keep your curls healthy and your color protected, or try our Silk collection for products packed with antioxidants to nourish, add shine, and protect your hair.

Whether you’re looking to correct your current box-color fiasco, add some highlights to your current base color, or let our hair color experts give you a whole new look, we look forward to meeting you. You can book online, give us a call at 303-773-2100 8727, or visit our salon. Chad+Co. is located at 8727 E. Dry Creek Rd, Suite E, Englewood, CO 80112.