Get Smooth, Soft Skin with Facial Waxing

Get Smooth, Soft Skin with Facial Waxing

Facial hair looks great on men, but when it happens to women, we spend a lot of time and money trying to get rid of it. Not only is it just not the look we want, but it can also make applying and blending makeup difficult. There are a few ways to address unwanted facial hair, but the most effective and economical is facial waxing. Here’s why.

Less expensive than laser. Laser hair removal can be effective, but it’s too expensive to do as often as we need it. With facial waxing, we can get rid of all the unwanted facial hair and keep it away with regular, cost-effective salon appointments.

More effective than creams. Hair removal creams promise to get rid of unwanted hair, but they usually underdeliver, leaving treatment gaps where unwanted hair remains. Facial waxing is highly effective, removing all the hair in the treated area.

Lasts longer than shaving. Some women rely on shaving if they have only small patches of unwanted hair. But a sharp razor is the last thing you want on your face, where it can leave cuts and scrapes. What’s worse, razors cut hair at the surface, where they can easily grow back quickly. Facial waxing removes hair at the root without any sharp tools or blades, leaving behind silky smooth skin that lasts several weeks.

Less irritating than other methods. Shaving can accidentally cut your skin, and it often leaves an itchy rash behind. Creams can cause allergic reactions because they use harsh ingredients. But facial waxing cares for your skin with natural ingredients and less chance of irritation than other hair removal methods.

Leaves skin in better condition. A waxing treatment gives your skin an added benefit – exfoliation. That removes dead skin cells and stimulates new cell growth as well as collagen production, helping your skin stay younger looking.

Targeted treatment. Facial waxing is better than creams and other hair removal treatments because it’s targeted. Hair is only removed in treated areas, so your esthetician can shape your brows perfectly.

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