Enjoy Amazing Hair with a Blowout at Chad + Co

Enjoy Amazing Hair with a Blowout at Chad + Co

Have you ever gotten so frustrated styling your hair in the morning that you long for it to just “poof” be done? Or that you didn’t have to go through the motions of doing it A professional salon blowout can give you amazing hair for up to a week without having to style it yourself!

What is a blowout? If you haven’t had a blowout before, let’s just start by saying that you’re missing out. Basically, a blowout is styling the hair with a variety of brushes and a dryer by a professional while you relax. At Chad + Co., our expert stylists have their own techniques to give you the look and style you want, with the hair products that will keep your hair looking and feeling good for days!

Benefits of a salon blowout? Well, the first benefit is having a hairstylist who stands behind you and has a clear advantage of being able to handle each section of your hair perfectly. At home, you’re reaching behind you, hoping you are getting each section, and don’t have the angles necessary to handle your hair for perfectly styled hair. Compared to styling your hair at home, letting your Chad + Co stylist transform your hair to the look you want in 30 to 45 minutes, will ensure each section of your hair is dry and the cuticle is sealed into the texture and style you want.

Does a blowout work on all hair textures? Yes! They are perfect for all hair types. Our Chad + Co stylists are trained to work with all hair types and textures, making your hairstyle perfect whether it’s an updo, a loose blowout style, or somewhere in between! You will leave our salon with shiny, healthy-looking hair after every blowout.

Who are blowouts for? If you have hair, a blowout is perfect for you. Whether you want to try to new hairstyle, want us to style your hair for the week, or for a special occasion, blowouts can last for days so that you just fluff and go, or put your hair up and go each day! Our professional products ensure that your hair is healthy and moisturized between blowouts.

Blowout packages. We offer hair packages to make your life easy with both blowout and dry styling options. Your hair can look great all month long! Regular blowouts also help to influence your hair to adjust to a style or shape that you desire.

Mother’s Day is a great time to treat yourself to a blowout. Come into our salon and relax while our stylists pamper you with a blowout. Our stylists at Chad + Co are ready to give you the look you want. You can book online, give us a call at 303-773-2100 8727, or visit our salon. Chad + Co. is located at 8727 E. Dry Creek Rd, Suite E, Englewood, CO 80112.