7 Hair Resolutions for the New Year

7 Hair Resolutions for the New Year

You may be thinking about all these big, life-changing New Year’s resolutions that you think you can pull off this year, right? Before you make your list and commit to something you probably will just blow off in a couple of weeks, think about some resolutions that will make a big difference with the health of your hair.

Resolution #1 – Commit to weekly hair treatments

Taking the time to indulge in a weekly hair treatment might be something that’s a little difficult to work into your schedule, but if you take the time now to commit, it will not only become a great part of your weekly routine, but it can be some relaxing down-time for you. We recommend our Miracle Mask for maximum hydration and to restore hair to its natural beauty.

Resolution #2 – Challenge yourself to lay off the heat

During the winter, our heated indoor air and dry winter air is cause for dry, brittle hair. While we cannot control our Colorado air, nor can we just turn off the heat inside, we can control how much heat we add to our hair with our styling tools. Challenge yourself to limit your use of heated tools by embracing your natural texture or use Rock your Curls and Whip Mousse hair products to curl or smooth your hair without heat. Start with a 7-day no heat challenge to give your hair some downtime, and if you just cannot keep up the no-heat commitment, then try cutting down the days that you use your heated styling tools.

Resolution #3 – Embrace a new hairstyle

Get a new perspective on the new year by changing up your hairstyle. Now’s a great time to try a new style – anything from adding bangs to chopping off a few inches to even trying out new hair color.

If you are one that hesitates when it comes to too much change, talk to your Chad & Co. stylist about hair extensions to try out a new balayage-type color or to see how it would be if you grew your hair out a few … or many … inches.  

Resolution #4 – Wash your hair less often

This is a great resolution, easy to accomplish, and is so good for your hair! If you don’t already know, it’s healthier for your hair to not wash it every day. Washing it every day strips your hair of its natural oils, drying out your hair. If you feel your hair is getting too oily or unruly by skipping days, try our Freshen Up Dry Shampoo to revive and refresh your hair in between washings.

Resolution #5 – Schedule regular appointments at Chad & Co. Salon

2020 was a chaotic year and it’s understandable that you got behind on your regular salon appointments and trims. Luckily, it’s a new year and a new opportunity to start your hair off on the right note. We recommend every 4-6 weeks to trim off the dry, dull ends and to keep your hair strong and healthy. Using our mobile app will help you to quickly and easily make appointments so you always have one on the books.

Resolution #6 – Eat healthy for strong hair

Shiny, healthy hair starts from the inside out, and this means following a healthy diet. Your hair strands are made of protein, so protein and iron-rich foods are essential for hair growth and strong hair. Encourage vibrant, manageable hair by focusing on foods that are high in vitamins and limit your intake of processed foods

Resolution #7 – Accept yourself and your hair

One important resolution is not to be so critical of yourself, and that includes your hair. Realize the positives that you’ve been blessed with in regards to your hair. Whether you love your curls or your hair color, you were born with hair perfectly suited to you. Let your Chad & Co. stylist help you embrace the positive facets of your hair and show you how you can improve upon your natural hair to keep it healthy, shiny, and manageable.

The New Year is a great time to commit yourself to keep your hair healthy. If you’re in need of a haircut, blowout, or hair color, you can book online, give us a call at 303-773-2100 8727, or visit our salon. Chad & Co. is located at 8727 E. Dry Creek Rd, Suite E, Englewood, CO 80112.